Name: Usman Rasheed
Designation: President BARGAD Volunteers’ Network (BVN)
Department: Programme
Phone Number: +92-03328197657,

Little naughty but highly committed and passionate to youth development, Usman is the heart of the organization. Having experience of one decade in peer education, volunteer management and facilitation, he is the first president and co-founder of BVN. He has artistic nature and manages as a president more than two thousand volunteers of the organization in a vibrant manner across 52 universities and all provinces of Pakistan. Besides, he is a caring, trustworthy and curious but strong-headed person. Never challenge him; he surely gets what he aspires after. His curiosity and dedication motivates him to learn and lead in this life. He believes in the concept of self-empowerment and self-improvement. He joined BARGAD as a volunteer in 2004. He was one the youngest volunteers at BARGAD.

He has done his Master in Political Science. He attended as participant and trainer a number of trainings, workshops, seminars and dialogues on a number of topics related to youth and social issues. He was an active member of the organizing team of six regional dialogues in which Youth of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan participated to initiate multi-track diplomacy and peace-building. He has attended a number of national and international conferences including Student Union Young Leaders Conference. In addition, he also managed to be the part of campaigns, Voice of Youth, with the objective to make aware the youth about the defect of taking drugs; Electoral Engagement of Youth, with the objective to ensure maximum and meaningful participation of youth in the elections. He also assisted the organization in various research projects including Youth Directory, the first research on youth organizations of Punjab and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). He also assisted in arranging consultative meetings and in advocacy and lobbying for provincial youth policies.

He coordinated a programme Young Ambassadors for Peace in which he managed 100 young peace ambassadors from every nook and cranny of the country. He also worked under project titled, Youth Engagement and Capacity Building for Peace and looked after whole district Muzaffargarh to engage youth and build their capacity for peace building. Besides, under this project he worked as facilitator and trainer, hence, he delivered sessions on Peace Building through Youth Networks; Youth Profiling; How to Design and Run a Campaign and Peer Education and Peace Building in fifteen 5-day Training Workshops on Youth Mentorship.