BVN Shining Stars


Anam Ashraf is a Psychology student belongs to Jhelum, Punjab. She newly joined BVN as volunteer for the promotion of peace and youth cooperation. Besides, she is good in English and communication and she is also familiar with good use of social media. She promoted the conference and its cause through social media and invited others for sensitization on peace.
Her interests are more about social work, counseling and development. She has dedicated herself to work for Peace as it is the base of everything. “Once we get our basic rights everything shall move smoothly”, she said. “So Peace has always been my first priority”, she added. Moreover, her base of study started in Canada where she finished her high school. Live abroad gave her a lot of exposure and a way to see things in a different way. It made her compare the differences and similarities. She moved to Pakistan 6 years back and she have just completed her exams of bachelors degree.
Talking about the experience she has worked with different civil society organizations on different forums. She further plans to do more volunteerism in different forums and internship as well.

Touseef Ahmed is from Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and student of bachelor in arts. In 2013 he joined Bargad Volunteers’ Network (BVN) as volunteer and now he is working with as provincial coordinator for BVN in GB after learning and contributing in volunteerism for peace in his area. According to him, “As we know that terrorist activities prevail in Pakistan and youth is being used for promotion of terrorism and sectarian by Militant groups, youth need positive engagement. That is why I joined BVN to promote peace among the youth through voluntary initiatives. BVN is doing a good job to tackle youth extremism. BVN provides an opportunity to spread the message of peace by involving the individuals who are interested to do so”.
Talking about his experience, he has also worked with Pakistan Red Crescent society and Youth Peer Education Network.

Munazza Kaleem Siddiqui is from Multan. She is currently doing BS in Communication Studies. The best quality about her which she thinks is that she is very patriotic and that’s the reason she likes to do social work. From last six years, she has been working as volunteer with different local NGOs. Then she got the opportunity to join BVN in 2014. The major reason to join this network was the cause on which network works. According to her, “It inspired me because no other organization is engaging youth in such way to promote peace.
As being a patriotic person, I think lack of peace and tolerance is the major problem now-a-days. And it can only be solved when you engage youth in the peace building process”.

Mr. Saghir Naqvi is young peace ambassador. He holds the degree of M. Phil in Political Science from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan Pakistan. He joined BVN in 2014 as volunteer. After his good performance as volunteer for a year, he is now designated as district coordinator for BVN in Muzaffargarh. He is also young trainer and frequently facilitates many session on youth empowerment, civic education, democracy, good governance and human rights at different forums.
During his working at different platforms, he has been engaged in project planning and execution; field surveys; report writing and project monitoring and evaluation. Furthermore, He is a good debater and public speaker. He wants to be renowned writer and politician in order to bring social evils into light and eradicate them for peace in the society.

Saima Mqbool is a youth worker with experience of planning and initiating projects and activities with young people that enables them to develop and achieve. She is graduated with Computer Sciences but switched to social sector and did her master in sociology.
She is motivated to work in development sector for betterment/change in social and behavioral setup with a proven ability to challenge young people to think about their values and attitude and also helping them to manage their behavior. Having an understanding of the needs of young people and a ability to raise their aspirations, she is working with BVN as district coordinator for Muzaffarabad since 2013.
She said, “As a citizen of Pakistan and young member of community, I am equally targeted with terrorism in Pakistan. In my point of view we have to eradicate terrorism by bringing justice and equality in society and we can do this only by changing our approach towards life as true human being”. She is also working as Advocacy Officer with Sustainable Development Organization (SDO), a NGO focused on education in Muzaffarabad AJK.

Azeem Rasheed joined BVN in 2013 as volunteer. He is bigger success story of BVN that he in one year learnt communication, event management and resource management; therefore, he succeeded in getting designation of district coordinator for BVN as he worked day and night for promoting peace through volunteerism in his district. He is from Multan has now been volunteering with multiple youth development organizations, civil society organizations and youth groups not only in Multan but elsewhere in Pakistan.
Adding to his volunteer history, he volunteered for Rescue (1122) during different events and festivals. He has been a part of Voice of New Generation organization as an organizer. After attending training on Tackling Yo uth Extremism and Radicalization in Pakistan, he has been working with Bargad Volunteers’ Network (BVN) as district coordinator of Multan on multiple peace initiatives, including the formation of peace clubs in Multan. He is passionate about contributing to peace initiatives in Pakistan under the banner of BVN.