BVN Annual Plan 2015

Gilgit Baltistan
• GB promotion of volunteerism launching of BVN
• Promotion of peace through session on peace building
• Eradication of sectarianism
• Celebration of cultural diversity
• Sit together and work on the issues of sectarianism
• GBYC (Gilgi-Baltistan youth ceremony) conference 2016
• Appreciation, planning, awards
• Cultural exchange programs among GB areas

• Session on volunteerism in action
• Debate competition
• Career counseling of youth
• Promotion of healthy activities
• In school (membership campaign)
• Consultations
• FATA cultural show at University of Peshawar

• Youth and peace cooperation
• Peace and tolerance seminars
• Debate competition
• Article writing on peace
• Mega Event (Punjab peace festival) / exhibition of South Punjab’s cultural items/ stalls of different organizations/ cultural activities/ sufi poetry show/ signature campaign

KhyberPakhtunkhas (KP)

• BVN membership in KP
• Promotion of volunteerism in schools and colleges
• Sponsorship to visit other areas to analyze peace situation
• Exposure trip (a visit of delegates to join Punjab sports gala)
• Video clip competition on social media regarding peace
• Radio campaign to enhance outreach regarding peace promotion

• Career counseling of youth
• BVN membership in cities of Sindh
• Campaign against drug addiction
• Press conference against drug addiction (flyers, social media and radio program with an expert to advice regarding drug addicted patient)

• Seminar on peace in Baluchistan
• Tackling youth extremism workshop
• Peace march in sports festival
• Peace campaign on FM radio
• Session human rights in colleges and universities
• Aware youth on what is for them in laws and legislation
• Peace march of BVN members
• Empower youth for employment
• Two day training on skill development included introduction of BVN, cover letter writing, CV writing and communication

Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K)
• Signing MOU with AJK University
• Celebration of international days
• Training on lifesaving activities in collaboration of Rescue 1122
• Increase the membership of BVN in AJK
• Establish a Facebook page of BVN coordinators
• Media coverage of activities on newspaper and TV
• Provincial youth exchange program