Project Coordinator Required on Urgent Basis

Project Coordinator Required on Urgent Basis
Dated:March 20, 2015

 Project Coordinator

Duration:  2 Months

Type of assignment: Full-time 

Dutystation: Gujranwala
Deadline for application: 5th April 2015

BARGAD is a leading organization for youth development, which promotes peace, justice and cooperation among youth in Pakistan. Based in its main office in Gujranwala, It is urgently looking for a full time Project Coordinator under the project “Peace Conference”. Project Coordinator will be overall responsible for the project monitoring and evaluation activities.

General scope of the job 

The Project Coordinators will facilitate the organization for the overall implementation of the project till completion and will organize all the individual and team orientated meetings including a press conference prior to the Peace Conference.

Core responsibilities and tasks

  •  Over all responsible of meeting all deadlines of milestones and work-plan
  • Coordination with consultants of the project
  • Communication with all stakeholders of the project
  • Technical writing of Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs), contracts project report
  • Develop content for IEC material, brochure and leaflet
  • Liaison with artist for designing material, to provide thematic clarity to artist
  • Quality printing of IEC material
  • Organize 1day conference prior to the event
  • Facilitate the process of website development


  •  Prepare reports of the meetings, press conference and the event  
  • Liaison between team members and Umeed Jawan
  • Communicate with media persons as journalists regarding press conference and the peace conference
  • Guide the regular sharing of the outputs of the meetings with team members
  •  Umeed Jawan partners, government officials, CVE experts, members of civil society and intellectuals
  • Organize daylong planning meeting between Bargad and Umeed Jawan’s members
  •  Make reports to the project board, highlighting areas of concern and preparing the documentation for review at meetings.
  • Develop letters Government officials, politicians, academics, and media personnel, among others, will draft letters of invitation to dispatch to them informing them of the conference, its aims and goals, and salient logistical details.
  •  Organize individual meetings
  • Organize press conference prior to the event
  •  Participate in external missions and facilitate mission team members’ access to M&E data and to stakeholders.

Competencies and Qualification:

Suitable candidates should have a degree of Maters in a field related to Social Sciences and/or management and experience in technical writing. At least three (3) years of proven experience with:

·         Overall management of project till execution and completion, technical writing & report writing, organizing project meetings, keen observation about material designing

She/He should also have:

  • Understanding of youth development, with a focus on participation, peace building, joint management and gender issues; Familiarity with and a supportive attitude towards processes of strengthening local organizations and building local capacities for youth development; Willing to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders, especially primary stakeholders; Computer skills; Leadership qualities, personnel and team management (including mediation and conflict resolution).

She/He should also have demonstrated experience in:

  • Coordinating projects from implementation till successful completion.