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Youth Voices: Innovative Ideas on Youth and Extremism

The present booklet is a collection of top ten essays produced by young Pakistani writers. Adjudged by experts these essays were part of a national youth contest held by Bargad on the issue of youth and extremism in Pakistan.
As a selected representation, these youth voices would provide valuable insights on how the Pakistani youth thinks about issues of extremism and what are their perceived ways to tackle these compelling challenges.
The national contest and the booklet have been conceived within framework of the project, entitled “Tackling Youth Extremism in Pakistan” that Bargad undertook in collaboration with the USIP and twenty public sector universities across Pakistan.
Bargad owes gratitude to USIP for supporting the booklet. I am particularly obliged to Mr. Barmak Pazhwak from the USIP for his continuous encouragement to the anti-extremism work in Pakistan. I am also thankful to management, faculty and students of the universities who made entries for the national contest possible.



 Alternative Youth Policy In Pakistan

By reviewing past policies in Pakistan, this book presents several insights and ideas about youth policy process and also suggest an alternative paradigm for Pakistan.

The book was prepared to contribute to the on-going national youth policy formulation and to give a comprehensive model of the national youth policy in Pakistan.

The book concentrates on four areas of change: understanding youth situation in Pakistan, articulating concepts of youth development, reviewing national youth policies of the past, and presenting an alternative youth policy of Pakistan.

It unfolds the debate on youth policy and information processes. It also offers several recommendations for youth development and youth empowerment, by creating nexus of youth and the society at large.

Farrukh Moriani, UN Advisor for Corporate Governance, has written its foreword and congratulated the author ?for this engaging effort at providing a voice to youth issues in public policy.? Mohammad Tahseen, Executive Director, South Asia Partnership (SAP) Pakistan, in his appreciation note thinks this document will serve as an important building block to come up with a comprehensive youth policy in Pakistan.

William D. Angel, Secretary General, International Council on National Youth Policy (ICNYP) ? Austria, has commended this work as ?wonderful book, which covers many aspects of the question of a national youth policy in Pakistan????It is a book well worth reading on the roles of youth in the present and future national development of Pakistan.?

It is hoped that this book will prove an important work in Pakistan to better understand youth issues, to enhance policy and analytical capacity, and to improve quality of the youth related national policies.

Supported by BARGAD/ Author: Ali Salman



Punjab Youth Policy 2012

Punjab Youth Policy has been approved by Government of the Punjab.
A new era of youth development is in the offing..

It is a first ever youth policy by any province in Pakistan and a landmark achievement by Government of the Punjab.



Youth Directory 2011

1st Ever Pakistani Directory of Youth Organizations & Informal Youth Groups by Bargad-Organization for Youth Development

The document is thorough, far-reaching and very practical. I am sure it has the transformative potential necessary to contribute to the building of this country?s sustainable development, peace and happiness?.. Read More...
Anne Robert Phd-Professor University of La Salle, Costa Rica-Research Fellow, Peace and Conflict Department, University for Peace, Costa Rica

This report represents the first step in a hopefully thorough examination of youth programing in Pakistan??Read More...
Dr. Linda M. Johnston-Executive Director, Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics, and Character, Kennesaw State University

The study?s path-finding disclosures can greatly help the development of pro-active national policies. Read More...
Mary Elizabeth King-Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University for Peace, UN mandated University for Peace

It is a unique work done in the history of Pakistan?.Read More?
Sadia Atta Mehmood, Youth Expert, Pakistan

Supported by HBS, Lead Researcher and Author: Dr. Shahbaz Israr Khan; Assistant Researchers: Usman Rasheed and Rana Mujahid Raza; Editor: Iqbal Haider Butt; Enumerators and Field Researchers: click here.



The Protection Against Harassment Of Women At The Workplace Act 2010

[THE PROTECTION AGAINST HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT THE WORKPLACE ACT 2010] PART 1 Acts, Ordinance, President?s Orders and Regulations SENATE SECRETARIAT Islamabad, the 11th March, 2010

Downlaod Urdu Version



Policy Brief On Public And Policy Imperatives For Youth Bulge In Pakistan

This policy brief introduces the youth bulge debate and is a resource input for the ?National Youth Conference on Risks and Dividends of Youth Bulge in Pakistan? held in Lahore on 8-10 August 2010. By looking at legacy of conception and policy practices in youth development it highlights critical areas for integrated youth development in the country: (i) ensuring declining fertility,(ii) education and youth development, (iii) youth for labour force development, (iv) and youth participation and engagement. It is envisaged that the policy brief will provide a balance to integrate youth development roles of the policy makers, donors and practitioners working in different sectors.



Youth Voices

This booklet, Youth Voices, is a compelling inside view into the thinking of Pakistani youth who were asked through a national call in June-July 2010 to submit innovative ideas, suggestions and recommendations on key problems of youth in the country. It was further stipulated that the entries should establish the need and significance of the key problem, well-backed by data and evidence to reach to logical and workable recommendations



Pakistan: Qaum Parasti, Subae Khudd Mukhtari Aur Adm Markaziyat Aik Tarakhee Jayaza (Urdu)


(Pakistan: Nationalism, Provincial Autonomy And Decentralization A Historical Analysis)

This booklet is a valuable and informative historical resource on the issue of provincial autonomy and has traced tendencies of centralization since the colonial times. It argues for embracing the diversity of Pakistani regions and instigates a dialogue that is informed by detailed historical evidence on centrist forces in the country. Some of the information given in the booklet challenge many generally held assumptions about the political history of Pakistan.

The booklet would start a new dialogue with youth who are expected to unload historical baggage of parochial assumptions about the issue.

Preface of the booklet has been written by Prof. Aziz-uddin Ahmad.

This booklet was launched during the ALL PAKISTAN STUDENT LEADERS? CONFERENCE ON PEACEBUILDING IN CAMPUSES (19th-24th July 2009) organized by BARGAD.

Supported by HBS/ Written by Aamir Riaz



Talaba Tanzeemein Kiya Chahatee Hain? (Urdu) (Manifestos Of Student Organizations In Pakistan)

This is a unique compilation of manifestos, constitutions, aspirations and aims and objectives of student organizations working in Pakistan. This booklet will not only inform students and interested public about the student organizations, but it also facilitates a flow of basic information among activists of various organizations, which include Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, Imamia Student Organization, Anjuman-e-Talaba-e-Islam, Insaf students Federation, All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organisation, Baloch Students Organization - Bijjar, Pukhtunkhawa Students Organization, Pukhtun Students Federation, Peoples? Students Federation, Jamiat Talaba-e-Islam, Jammu Kashmir Peoples? Students Organization, Jammu Kashmir Students Liberation Front, Jiye Sindh Students Federation, Punjab Students Council, Baloch Council, Pukhtun Students Council, Students Action Committee, Sindh Taraqi Pasand Students Federation, National Students Federation, and University Students Federation.


This booklet was launched during the ALL PAKISTAN STUDENT LEADERS? CONFERENCE ON PEACEBUILDING IN CAMPUSES (19th-24th July 2009) organized by BARGAD.

Supported by HBS / Compiled by Aamir Riaz



Revisiting Student Politics In Pakistan

Highly innovative and stimulating: this book provides a wide range of developmental perspectives to the study of student politics in Pakistan ? a clear departure from traditional examination limited to political and ideological contexts of student action in campuses.

REVISITING STUDENT POLITICS IN PAKISTAN combines rare chapters in history, analysis and documentation of student politics.

This book deciphers patterns of key student movements in Pakistan through extensive historical information and fresh analytical approaches. Readers are provided with additional evidence through interviews of 24 past student leaders and a detailed chronology of events.

The author argues that a fundamental transition in student politics of Pakistan is in the making due to changes in the academic environment, socio-political variations and shifts in resource building and motivational stimulus for students of the nation.

The book maintains that all stakeholders of student politics will have to readjust to new realities; including the need to reform governance structures of the higher education for multi-stakeholder participation in the system.

Useful for those who are concerned over youth violence and sensitive to women participation in Pakistani campuses, this highly original study will be of interest to students, educationists, political activists, researchers, civil society and public interest leaders, media persons, policy makers and the government functionaries.

Supported by Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS)
Lead Researcher & Author: Iqbal Haider Butt




Resume and cover letters are necessary career documents required to win an interview for a prospective job. However, it has been observed that young applicants often find it hard to prepare appropriate documents as there are less and less training opportunities available with students of our campuses for such job enhancing skills.