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Thank you for being in touch during the year 2011, we have received amazing write-ups from you and you received latest e-news of each quarter and activity update from Bargad. We hope that this affiliation will further strengthen in 2012. We appreciate your support to youth development across Pakistan.

If we peep into 2011, it would be remarkable to mention Bargad's youth policy work and bringing the focus of the provincial governments and civil society on youth. Bargad as a leading youth organization in Pakistan is working for youth policies across all provinces and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. We are in coordination with provincial governments, AJ&K to provide technical assistance for the formulation of provincial youth policies, since it is now a provincial subject after 18th amendment in the constitution of Pakistan. It is expected that youth policy Punjab will be launched by June 2012 and policy work and background research of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and Sindh would be completed by the end of this year.

It is worthy to mention that the youth policy design is participatory and aims at economic, social and political empowerment of youth. It is the first time in the country that all related stakeholders are participating in policy making process. The process also recognizes that youth is not a uniform category but represents diversity. Thus there is greater need of documenting contextual issues and needs of youth issues while recognizing the diversity of the term. For instance issues of youth in jail would be different to youth in universities or male youth would have different issues as compared to female youth. The youth policies would represent your voice so be the first one to contribute and write us. You may join youth policy process on facebook and also on dedicated websites of the youth policies. For further information kindly contact us at: info@bargad.org.pk.

The current e-newsletter highlights the activities of the 1st quarter of the year which remarks aman ittehad rally, launching of youth resource center, consultative meetings on youth policy Punjab, press conferences, meetings with administration and faculty of universities for orientation, “Youth for Woman Leadership on Campuses”, training of teachers on life skills based education and celebration of International Woman Day.

In end we welcome you to submit your write-ups on your experiences or your profiles or your comments on youth policy process. Be the part of change and write us at: info@bargad.org.pk

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Youth for Women Leadership on Campuses: During this quarter Bargad team visited 18 universities and held meetings. In continuation of this project, Bargad organized 3-day Training of Trainers with faculty members of 10 universities across Pakistan. Furthermore, 40 training session were conducted in 10 universities of Pakistan by participants of TOT.
Punjab Youth Policy: Bargad provided technical assistance to Government of the Punjab in formulating Punjab Youth Policy. During formulation process Bargad conducted 2 press conferences for mass awareness of the people. Launching of Youth Resource Centre was key feature of this quarter under Punjab Youth Policy.
Tackling Youth Extremism in Pakistan: Project planning meeting was organized. Bargad staff, volunteers and other stakeholders from different regions participated. Action plan made after mutual decisions and consultations organized to kick off the project further.
Agahee Se Aage: In this quarter, activities of that project were School visits, meetings with principals and teachers. After meetings and interviews teachers from different school were selected. Afterwards, 5 Training of Trainers (TOTs) were organized with teachers on Life Skills Based Education. Total numbers of participants were 85.

Other Initiatives of the Quarter: Other initiatives and activities included:
  • Amman Ittehad Rally Gujranwala
  • Meeting with consultant regarding development of policy maker
  • Training on conducting base/endline survey
  • Celebration of International Women Day

Dear Readers, to get the complete news and information of the quarter go through the detailed news below, Happy Reading.

Day Care Centre for Women Faculty at Campuses pledged on the occasion of TOT Workshop

“Facilitating women in their career positions paves way for grooming their leadership roles.”, Mr. Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, Deputy Speaker Provincial Assembly of the Punjab, said on a training organized by Bargad. He also pledged establishing day care centers at university campuses for women faculty that was the one of the major finding of the baseline survey.
Training of Trainers (TOT) was held under project, ‘Youth for Women Leadership on Campuses’ in the month of January from 27th to 29th 2012. The TOT proved to be a hall mark as far as initiatives for women leadership are concerned where faculty members from 10 universities across the country participated. TOT brought out recommendations on women leadership from the participants along with their commitment to replicate training in 10 universities. Moreover, 40 training sessions will be held by these master trainers as the project seeks to benefit and sensitize hundreds of young men and women through advocacy and training on women leadership so as to create a congenial working environment at campuses.

Bargad is working further on to bring its promise into reality by lobbying, preparing grounds and highlighting the need and effectiveness of setting up day centers on campuses.

Aman Itehad Rally Gujranwala

In Gujranwala, on 1st February 2012, Bargad organized a rally on account of Solidarity Day. Every year, BARGAD commemorates peace and solidarity in the country with Aman ittehad Forum in which peace walk is organized. Such an activity mobilizes citizens especially community youth for peace and solidarity in the country. Importantly, the event was not only attended by the volunteers of the organization but also attended by local leadership, civil society intelligentsia and youth of different political parties.

Mr. Sarwar Ansari a social worker, Mr. Abrar Kashif Mirza Joint Secretary of All Pakistan Telecommunication Union, Mr. Mubeen Khan Vice President Citizen Committee Rahwali and Sarmad Raza from Bargad organization were also present at the occasion. Addressing the people at rally, local leadership and youth representatives asserted on the need of plural society at this critical juncture of the country and emphasized on standing united for a prosperous Pakistan.

Launching of Youth Resource Centre in Lahore

A Youth Resource Centre (YRC) was launched in Lahore on 11th Feb 2012. The YRC is a joint initiative of Chief

Minster Youth Mobilization Committee (CMYMC) and Bargad in collaboration with Youth Affairs Department, Government of Punjab and UNFPA. Honourable Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan inaugurated the YRC. While speaking to the youth he reiterated on the resolve of the Punjab Government to make headways for youth development. He also announced the upcoming Punjab Youth Festival that Government of Punjab is celebrating in collaboration with Bargad. The festival would include a thematic drama festival, a huge street art and launching of Punjab Youth Policy in March 2012.
Mr. Robbi Royan, Country Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA appreciated the concept of empowering local youth through master training and making the centre self sustainable gradually. Other distinguished guests include Ms Maiza Hameed member of Punjab Assembly, Mr. Afaq Ali Country Director VSO and renowned media person Taran Jeet Singh. YRC envisions training of young men and women on skills development that would include Resume, C.V and cover letter writing skills; Report writing skills; Communication skills;Leader ship skills; Awareness and advocacy skills; Voter education; and, mobilization skills etc. YRC would be a worth attending forum that would facilitate skills development among youth.

Meeting with consultant regarding development of Policy Paper

A meeting between the coordinator of the project and Mr. Amir Riaz – consultant was held on development of policy paper on “Women Leadership and Higher Education in Pakistan” on March 03, 2102 under the project, “Youth for Women Leadership on Campuses”.

Press Conference on Punjab Youth Launching Ceremony
Bargad and Government of the Punjab held an exclusive press conference on Punjab Youth Policy Launching Ceremony on March 6, 2012 at Pearl Continental, Lahore. Press conference was chaired by Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly, joined by Ms Sabiha Shaheen Executive Director Bargad, Ms Maiza Hameed and Ms Farah Deeba members of the Punjab Assembly.

Mr. Deputy Speaker highlighted the process that had been in place since last year to formulate Punjab youth Policy. He informed the media that

summary to establish a youth directorate has been moved as proposed in the Punjab Youth Policy. He said that the Government of the Punjab is serious to take practical steps for implementation of the Youth Policy. In the last, he applauded the role of Bargad and UNFPA for all their technical and financial support in formulation of first ever Punjab Youth Policy in Pakistan. Deputy Speaker also announced that, “Punjab Youth Policy will be launched on 26th March 2012 with over 10,000 youth in Lahore”.

Talking to media, Ms Sabiha Shaheen shared the features of Punjab youth policy and told that the policy expresses its unswerving commitment to empower youth in the province and provides a comprehensive policy framework for integrated visioning and planning, implementation and coordination of youth development in Punjab.

Lastly, Ms Maiza Hameed MPA from Punjab Assembly also spoke on the occasion and acknowledged the role of Honourable Deputy Speaker, Bargad and UNFPA in Punjab youth policy formulation process. She commended the support of her fellow legislators for their feedback and recommendations in the consultative process of Punjab youth Policy. The press conference was concluded after a Q&A session by media to the panelists.

Press Conference on Punjab Youth Policy Features

Bargad organized a press conference on Punjab youth policy in Lahore on March 14, 2012. The press conference was chaired by Sabiha Shaheen Executive Director Bargad. It was a successful event and mass coverage of the event was ensured. Addressing the conference Sabiha Shaheen talked on the needs, mandate, principals and objectives, strategic actions plan and mechanism for implementation of youth policy that was to be launched at a time when the province is under pressure over increasing population and the youths are facing serious economic challenges.

“Various departments of the government in many ways are already investing on youth in general through technical education, health, population and agriculture. But it can be said that the cumulative effect of youth-oriented schemes cannot be estimated both in terms of short term gains and long-term outcomes: solely because of the fact that we lack integrated policy, coordinated implementation and mechanism among multiple stakeholders in the public sector. It is with this approach that a provincial youth policy has the potential to integrate youth empowerment work into the government structures,” Said Sabiha Shaheen.Answering a question from media, she said that the other challenges that had been highlighted in the policy, and would provide the

foundations for strategic guidelines to empower youths in Punjab, were education, youth population and health, adolescence and youth health rights, pro-youth legislative measures on marriage, youth health and sports, social empowerment, youth volunteerism and community service, youth mobility and group tourism, living with cultural diversity, peace and harmony, identity issue and the role of local languages, arts and music, political participation and engagement of youth, civic responsibility and citizenship, governance and institutional issues of youth development.
Project Planning Meeting

A planning meeting of the project, “Tackling Youth Extremism in Pakistan” organized at Bargad office to share the goal and objectives of the project with relevant stakeholders, was organized. In the meeting participants developed comprehensive action plan and also got themselves familiar with the theme and underlying concepts. Project planning meeting is a regular feature of Bargad which ensures adequate participation of the stakeholders.

2nd Base/Endline Survey Training for Gender Equity Prgram

Bargad team including Ms. Saiqa Rani, Ms. Shakilla Koukab, Mr. Saqib Murtaza, Mr. Mujahid Raza and Mr. Usman Rasheed participated in 3-day training on conducting Baseline and Endline Survey organized by Aurat Publication and Information System (AF).

Meetings with Universities for Project Orientation

From 27 February to 29 March 2012, 18 universities were visited and meetings were held to take on board the concerned stakeholders, to give them an orientation on objectives, activities and their potential role in the project, “Youth for Woman Leadership on Campuses”. The stake holders included: University Administration, Vice Chancellors, Registrars; Head of departments and Deans of faculties; Faculty of the Universities, student advisors; Student activists, student groups. Following is the detail of meetings:
Meeting with
27 Feb 2012

University of Central Punjab , Lahore

Dr. Khalid Zaheer, Head of Department Islamic Studies;
Aurangzeb, Lecturer
Amna Farooq, Lecturer;
Student Group

28 Feb 2012
FC College University, Lahore
Dr. Saeed Shafqat, Director Institute of Public Policy,
Imdad Hussain, Assistant Professor;
Student Group

7 Mar 2012
Superior University, Lahore
Dr. Amir Jalal, Assistant Professor;
Student Group

8 Mar 2012
Lahore College for Women University
Dr. Sabiha Mansoor, Vice Chancellor;
Student Group

16 Mar 2012
GC University Faisalabad
Prof. Dr. Zakir Hussain, Vice Chancellor;
Student Group

17 Mar 2012
University of Agriculture Faisalabad
Prof. Dr. Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice Chancellor
Dr. Atif, Assistant Professor;
Student Group

29 Mar 2012
University of Sargodha
Dr. Naudir Bakht, Chairman Department of History;
Student Group

Radio Programmes – Youth Issues in the Punjab Youth Policy Context

Between Februarys to March 4 radio programs on aired at FM 103 on 6th, 26th Feb and 9th, 29th March 2012. The topics were; Youth Development in Policy Context, Challenges of Youth in Punjab, Social Empowerment of Youth and Youth Population and Health, and the guests in the radio programs were; Sabiha Shaheen, Nauman Ali Ch, Mian Khuram Shahzad and Bushra Sadiq respectively.

School and Teacher Selection under the project, “Aaghee Say Aagy”

From January to March 2012, BARGAD team (Bushra Sadiq and Shakilla Koukab) visited schools, met the owners and principals and teachers. The coordinator introduced Bargad, WPF and project “Aaghee Say Aagy”
Mostly headmistresses appreciated the efforts of organization.
Ms. Muzammil principal Down public School commented very openly about present school’s curriculum. She said, “Curriculum should address needs related to human development. The present course is not contributing for the understanding of current issues and situations. In this respect Organizations like Bargad are doing a commendable job”.

Training of Trainers (TOT) with teachers
Between 20th Feb and 30th March 2012, five (5) training of teachers (TOTs) conducted in different Schools and Colleges that were Elite College Satellite Town, City Public School Nowshera Road, Allama Ahsan Shaheed School Ladywala and number of participants were 15, 15, 25, and 30 respectively.

The objectives of the trainings were to prepare teachers for Life Skills Based Education session; to develop understanding of the teachers about the project “Aaghee Say Aagy”; to enhance the capacity of the teachers through Life Skills Based Education (LSBE) and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and on economic empowerment; to enhance the capacity of teachers about adolescent girls issues so that they can convince to the others.

Celebration of International Women day

Bargad celebrated the International Women Day in collaboration with the Department of Information and Culture, Government of the Punjab. Chief Minister of Punjab was the chief guest of the event. Participants from Tatlyali village shared that it was the first time that they participated such event. That was first time of that group to join a huge gathering in Lahore and present their school. The group knew about the issues of women and were briefed on the significance of that day.

UBAID MALIK - Pind Dadan Khan (Jhelum)

He is President of AIM Youth Group and an energetic, visionary leader of youth. Democracy has always been top on his agenda and hallmark of his efforts. He attended many trainings and programs on different youth issues from BARGAD’s platform. The main trainings include: Training of Democratic Activism of Youth. Owing to his TOT, now he is training thousands of youngsters throughout the region and also arranged seminars and sessions on Right to Vote. Through chain of volunteers he tried to ensure maximum participation of masses especially the participation of women who are not allowed to practice their right in rural areas. Campaign for democracy continues with reinvigorated spirit and a pledge to go to the extent possible for attainment of a truly democratic and peaceful Pakistan.

Short Interveiw of Ubaid Malik

1. Why did you join Bargad-Organization for Youth Development?
For the process of growing up and developing my capacities in positive ways.

2. What is your learning from Bargad?
• feel a sense of safety and structure
• experience active participation, group membership, and belonging
• develop self-worth achieved through meaningful contribution
• experiment to discover self, gain independence, and gain control over one's life
• develop significant relationships with peers and adults
• discuss democratic values and formulate their own
• Expand the capacity to enjoy life and know that success is possible.

3. How do you define peace in your perspective?
A state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom and freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions

4. What do you want to do for youth?

To grow a community of engaged capable learners increasingly aware of their capacity for excellence. Through long-term relationships with caring adults, I can help our youth fellows to discover who they are and their role in community development. By focusing on their talents, abilities, and interests, we encourage our youth to take charge of their futures and work to achieve positive outcomes that will benefit themselves and their families

5 . What are your hobbies?
Social Media, Networking With youth

             HIRA TAHIR, Multan

Hira Tahir belongs to City of Shrines, Multan. Her passion is to do something different for her country so that she can represent Pakistan proudly. Being youth she is ready to take every positive step for the betterment of the society. She attended many training, campaigns, seminars and conferences on various topics including youth issues, human rights, child rights and women rights. She is one of active members of Jawan Bargad Core Group, Multan for 3 years and also member of Debates and seminar society, Executive Club, Institute of Management Sciences, and Member of Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP). She is highly interested in tourism and adventure, Novel reading, singing, and calligraphy. She is currently doing Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU), Multan.

Volunteers of the Quarter

Ali Asgher
Mustafeed Ejaz
Wasma Imran
Ali Numan