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             In this issue we celebrate the 18th amendment that is believed to be the herald of provincial autonomy in Pakistan. Bargad has long been advocating for the provincial autonomy and it is hoped that provinces will receive the promised additional powers as a result of the abolition of the concurrent list (47 different subject matters) in the constitution of Pakistan; large amounts of economic and political authority will shift to the provinces. The issue of transfer of power to provinces is not as simple as perceived earlier. Linking provincial autonomy with decentralization within provinces is an essential step to ensure good governance. As a result of the 18th amendment, some important ministries including Youth and Education have entered in the different phases of devolution. It needs a special attention from civil society. Implementation commission has to complete her work till June 2011, yet political consensus remains in doldrums which is not good for the future of democratic process. 

             National Youth Advocacy Platform, a joint initiative of Bargad and UNFPA, is advocating and lobbying in all four provinces including ICT, Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK for integrated youth development reforms in Pakistan.

             The quarter, January to March 2011, Bargad remained very successful both in pursuance of its mission and objectives of its youth development programs across Pakistan.

             The quarter was marked by focus on Baluchistan for youth development reforms in the province; advocacy for effective student participation on campuses; Bargad support to youth led activities that included Pakistan Youth Alliance, Rotract Club FC College, Kinnaird Society; formation of core group in Baluchistan; signing formal MOU with GRAP (Gender Reform Action Plan) for organizing programs for gender mainstreaming at district Gujranwala; involving youth volunteers in flood relief activities in Southern Punjab; Supporting peace led initiatives through Aman Ittehad; skill based training for personal development of youth and study circles for staff capacity building.

             Finally, we would greatly appreciate your valuable feedback for improving the e-newsletter. Tell us what you think at Bargad.youth.organization@gmail.com and if you are a good writer on the issues of youth do send us your 200 words write-up on, “Youth Issues”. The selected write-ups shall be featured in our e-newsletter.


To promote peace, justice and cooperation among youth in Pakistan

Text Box: Peace Rally in District Gujranwala 
Text Box: If you are interested youth, join us as a volunteer or be our patron in your institution.

For membership send your request     
at usman01.bargad@ gmail.com

Join us at facebook





She, a paragon of volunteerism, served the cause of youth development in Pakistan.

She was a dynamic, motivated and devoted person who inspired many other young girls to be the volunteers. Siara was a regular participant of Bargad study circle. She was finest performer of Bargad theatre group and had highlighted many social issues through her acting skills.

She is no more with us but her memories shall live forever.

Text Box: Volume: 2
Issue: 1
Editor and Designer 
Dr. Shahbaz Israr Khan
Rana Mujahid Raza

On 1 January 2011, Bargad under the banner of Aman Itehhad organized a Peace rally in District Gujranwala in solidarity with those suffering violence and repression. The youth demanded accountability of all, particularly those that use religion or any ideology to create hatred amongst the people of the region. They condemned the use of political, military or economic power to repress and exploit people. In doing so they demanded an end to the protection of all those state and non-state actors that take the law in their own hands and propagate or encourage militancy and extremism by their words or actions. We, Youth are ready to lead the nation to progress, to justice, equity and tolerance.

                                       The youth in the rally raised slogans,

                                       Urdu: Koon bachay ja Pakistan? Nojawan, Nojawan

                                       English: Who will save Pakistan ? Youth.....

                                       Urdu: Koon mitay ga yeh dashat gardi? Nojawaan, Nojawan

                                       English: Who will end terrorism?  Youth.....









The activity was organized in collaboration with Aman Ithehad. Aman Ittehad is a broad-based citizen coalition striving for peace and stability in Pakistan. In March 2010 it adopted a Peoples Resolution – an agenda for peace and Pakistan civil society’s response to extremism and insecurity.

Text Box: Meeting with Minister of Youth Affairs, Syed Syed Aqil Shah

             On 10 January 2011, at Youth Ministry of Khyber Pukhtoonkhaw, Sabiha Shaheen, Executive Director Bargad met KhyberPukhtoonkhaw Youth Minister Syed Syed Aqil Shah. In the meeting the issues related to the devolution of Federal Youth Ministry and its impacts on Provincial Youth Ministry were discussed. Future plans for integrated youth development were also discussed. Bargad is advocating for youth development reforms in all four provinces including ICT, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA and AJK.

Text Box: Youth Volunteerism for Flood Relief Activities

             Bargad in collaboration with HBS successfully completed post disaster relief work by engaging university youth, youth organizations and politicians. In this project 600 relief packages containing mattress, pillow, bed sheet and blanket have been distributed to 600 families of District Dera Ismail Khan (D. I. Khan), Lyyah and Rajanpur. We are thankful to Abid Majeed and Salman for assisting Bargad in flood relief activities.

             In all three districts Bargad used different strategies to approach and identify the deserving families. In D. I. Khan, it was analyzed that the university administration and students are the best to identify and reach the deserving families. However in district Lyyah youth organizations have more contact in community than students of any institution and because of this the youth organization know the community very well and selected the deserving families.

             In district Rajanpur, neither any youth organization nor the students proved to have networking with the community in such close way like the politicians of the region have access and networking with the community. Hence in this district a very articulate politician Maiza Hameed provided her cooperation to access the flood affecters of the community.




             Sarmad Raza Nayak founder and board member of Bargad visited the district Lyyah and distributed packages in the flood hit areas of Lyyah on December 20, 2010.
Two Union Councils in which relief packages were distributes are: (i) Mohza Kotla Kazi Nashib, Union Council Lohanch Nashiab (ii) Basti Dajal Mozah konal Nashib, Union Council Ghakar.

             Bargad pays especial thanks to Shahzad Gul, Executive Director and team of Awammi Development Organization for his thorough facilitation in managing the arrangements.




             On 14 December Bargad team, Ms. Muqadas Iqbal, Sarmad Raza

and Dr. Shahbaz Israr visited flood affected areas of D.I.Khan. The

condition of these areas is still miserable and people do not have adequate

warm things to guard themselves against cold. In area of Bhirki village, near to Gomal University D.I Khan, are in extreme dismal conditions.

             On 26th December 2010, Bargad team including Sabiha Shaheen, Executive Director Bargad, Sarmad Raza Nayak and Mujahid Raza along with HBS representative Mazher Zaheer distributed 200 relief packages among the flood affected people in the areas of Bhirki village.

Certificates were awarded to 25 volunteers of Gomal University, who under coordination of M. Sohaib Joyia, (Executive member, Gomalian Students’ Council) and M. Fazal-ur-Rehman (Publicity Officer, Gomal University) worked hard to identify flood affected people and other arrangements.   

             Bargad is especially thankful to Prof. Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi (Vice-Chancellor Gomal University), M.Fazal-ur-Rehman and administration of Gomal University for their cooperation. 



             Sabiha Shaheen Executive Director of visited Rajanpur

on December 28, 2010 and distributed relief packages containing

mattress, pillow, bed sheet and blanket among the flood affected people

of the region of Rajanpur Kalan of the district. Maiza Hameed MPA

(N) Punjab provided her cooperation and complete support to identify

the worst hit areas of Rajanpur and accommodated the delegates of

Bargad at her home. Maiza Hameed also stayed with Bargad team throughout the time of distribution of relief packages.

             Bargad pays especial thanks to Maiza Hameed for her thorough facilitation in managing the arrangements and delivering the relief packages.




             Meeting of Board of Directors was held in Gujranwala on 14th January 2011. Meeting of Board of Directors is organized once in a quarter. In meeting overall progress of the organization is discussed and important decisions are taken.

Text Box: Meeting of Board of Directors
Text Box: Interactive Session on Youth, "How Youth can Serve the Nation?"

             On 15 January 2011, Bargad organized an interactive session on youth, "How youth can serve the nation?" The discussant, Sausan Stroud (Founder and executive director, Innovations in Civic Participation, Washington DC) emphasized over the formation of small youth groups and that the groups must involve themselves in projects according to the needs of the community and the surroundings.

             In her discourse she quoted example of United States university students. There students form small groups and do need based projects in their surroundings and in doing so they motivate others as well. She further gave the example of Chinese students. In China unemployed students are employed in underdeveloped areas incommensurate with their academic backgrounds where students work for the betterment of the community in order to bring development.

In response to a question she said that if the government of a country is unable to provide youth enough opportunities then youth should channelize their potential and abilities by forming small groups and by doing need based projects. Furthermore, youth instead of trying large scale projects or plunging themselves into 'big work' should start with small and tangible projects.

In end she said that if Pakistani youth wants to bring change then they must not blame the government for not providing them opportunities, instead youth must come forward as models to inspire others and must involve nearby youth in community base work, "Small leaps give way to big changes."

             The event was moderated by Bargad representative. The members of Jawan Bargad Lahore attended the event, especial thanks to Mohsin and Naveed for making efforts to make the event successful. The session was attended by 30 students from University of Lahore, University of Punjab, Superior University and Virtual University.

Text Box: Study Circle for Bargad Staff

             Study circle for the staff of Bargad was organized at Bargad office on 21 January 2011. The brochure of Bargad was read and discussed. Presentations on Bargad were given by Adnan Butt, Rana Mujahid Raza and M. Usman. During the study circle philosophy of Bargad was discussed in detail. Study Circle is a regular feature of Bargad that is organized twice a month, in which employees of Bargad select and discuss a specific issue.

Text Box: Forum, “Youth Action for Democracy and Peace Building on Campuses”

             Bargad organized a forum, "Youth Action for Democracy and Peace Building on Campuses" at Superior University Lahore on 25 January 2011. 

             From Superior University, Rana Bilal, Coordinated the event. The programme was facilitated by Bargad representative. Facilitator raised the critical and rigorous questions about the subject. 35 students enthusiastically participated in the activities of the forum. Students were given more time to say their views and arguments. The forum was more alike a workshop where students were provided more opportunity to work in groups.

Text Box: Jawan Bargad Visit to Bargad Office Gujranwala

             An interactive session on Bargad for the members of Jawan Bargad Lahore was organized at Bargad office Gujranwala on 29 January 2011.

The objective of the session was to aware the core group with the underlying

philosophy, ongoing projects with quantitative and qualitative impacts and

gender policy of the organization.

             Sarmad Raza, Member of Board of Directors, presented the

philosophy and the history of the organization. He explained that how a

small group emerged as a leading youth organization.

             Orientation on the current projects and 2010 review was given by Dr. Shahbaz Israr Khan. Bushra Sadiq informed the participants about the gender policy of the organization. Naveed Khan shared the activity plan, 2011, of the group.

Text Box: Training on Communication Skills, Jawan Bargad Lahore

             Bargad organized an effective training session for the members of Jawan Barad Lahore on 30 January 2011.Salma Rehmat was the trainer. Trainer introduced how to communicate effectively by involving the trainees in interactive games. Communication skills are must for a leader. Our method of communication should effective and interactive. These types of trainings are very effective, beneficial & useful for youth of Pakistan.

Text Box: Aga Khan Rural Support Programme

             Sabiha Shaheen (Executive Director, Bargad) talked on experiences of Bargad on youth development in a session with management of Agha Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) in Islamabad Hotel, Islamabad on Jan 31, 11.


             Programme Officer Bargad, Dr. Shahbaz Israr Khan was selected by South                                            Asian Youth Society to represent Pakistani Youth in Bangladesh, where representatives of youth organizations and youth groups from South Asian countries participated. He was selected on the basis of his leadership skills and services he is providing in the sector of youth development in Pakistan. He spoke as international guest speaker on the topic, “Youth Civic Engagement and Volunteerism-How Youth can Serve the Nation.” He said, “It is upon a nation that how it utilizes the valuable potential its youth has. Youth volunteerism and civic engagement is the essence of nation building.” Moreover he also emphasized upon the importance of youth cooperation among SAARC countries. He also shared that Bargad has launched youth track of peace in South Asia. But for economic and social development a collaborative effort is required.  He also mentored the skill building session, “Community Services”. In the session he trained Bangladeshi youth on, “How to start small scaled projects”. They learnt how to identify a problem, stakeholders, collection of data on the problem, possible solutions, selection of the most appropriate solution, mapping out aims and objectives, activities to solve the problem, outputs, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation.

             On 7th of February, Dr. Shahbaz was invited as a key speaker in a seminar, “Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement” organized by BYEA (Bangladesh Youth Empowerment Actions). Among the other speakers were, Sunita Nhemaphuki (Nepal), Shamimul Islam( Bangladesh) and Md. Robayad  (Bangladesh). In seminar 25 students participated from Dhaka University, Daffodil University, Jahanjiranagar university and university of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.  

Text Box: Programme Officer Bargad as International Guest Speaker and Mentor

             12th February, 2011, Bargad celebrated Pakistani Women Day with other organizations of Lahore under the theme of “Journey of women’s struggle: towards a Tolerant and Democratic Society.” In programme more than 100 people participated including women rights activists, Civil Society Organizations and human right activists. Salma Rehamat spoke on behalf of Bargad and highlighted that how Bargad is involving youth in woman rights issues. She said that we need to mainstream female youth in Pakistan, as now they represent 46% of the total enrollment in higher education but their socio-economic share in mainstream jobs is very less.

             After the seminar, Bargad organized an expression activity in which the participants of the programme were asked to express their views on Woman Rights. For that they were provided with canvass, colours and brushes. Few of the expressions are: “Stop Violence against Women”, “We are human beings” and “Lets struggle together”

Text Box: Pakistan Women Day 
Text Box: High Level USA-Pak Leaders Forum

             Executive Director Bargad, Sabiha Shaheen attended a high - level USA - PAK leaders forum at LUMS, Lahore to explore people to people cooperation between the two countries.

Text Box: Bargad’s Support to Youth Led Activities


i) TEDx Kinnaird

             On 19th February 2011, Bargad sponsored Kinnaird society to organize the event TEDx Kinnaird at Kinnaird College Lahore. In the event 200 students from different universities participated the

             In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share in a TED-like experience. At TEDxKinnaird, Talks video and live speakers combined to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The theme of the year is “Rethinking us”


    ii) Live Screening of Cricket Match, Fund Raising for rebuilding Schools

             Bargad and Pakistan Youth Allaince (PYA) in collaboration organized a world cup cricket match screening. The event was for collecting funds, for re-building schools in the flood hit areas.

Text Box: One Day Capacity Building Training Workshop on “Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010

             One Day Capacity Building Training Workshop on “Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010” was organized by GRAP in collaboration with Bargad on 23 February 2011 at Zilla Council Hall Gujranwala. Bargad and GRAP have signed a MOU for organizing 6 activities for gender mainstreaming and women empowerment at district Gujranwala. The training was the first activity in this regard.

             The attendees were the members of the Government District Departments Inquiry Committees for Harassment cases formed by the DCO Gujranwala, Nabeel A. Awan, at district level. Yasir Nawaz has been notified as the focal person for Harassment at work place at, 2010.

             Training was attended by 50 representatives from Government Departments and NGO's. Attendees were trained by trainers from AASHA foundation on “Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010” The attendees were trained on the implementation of the act and ways to make the law effective. Attendees were also given details on the ACT as well. Responding to a question trainer said that lack of evidence creates complexities but now we must create awareness among people to record voice or a call, take snap from mobile phones, save email or chat details. Furthermore, the harassed victim must not try to hide the case but should tell others and competent authorities so that actions might be taken. Session was moderated by Dr. Shahbaz Israr Khan. Bargad team was represented by Bushra Sadiq, Shakilla Kaukab and Adnan Butt. Sabiha Shaheen, Executive Director Bargad, extended vote of thanks. Bargad demanded for the formation of committees for private sector as well.

Text Box: Interactive Session and Core Group Formation

             On February 24, an interactive session for student group from Govt. College for Boys Peoples Colony was organized at Bargad office. In the session participants were briefed by Bushra Sadiq (Senior Programme Officer) about the importance of social work. They were also explained about the vision, mission and objectives of Bargad. Most of the attendees were from far-flung areas of Bargad and demanded Bargad to organize skill based activities for the organization.

Some of them also joined the core group of Bargad- Jaawan Bargad Gujranwala.

Text Box: Career Counseling Session

             A Career Counseling Session was organized on 25 February 2011 at Government Degree College for Women Model Town Gujranwala.

             The session was facilitated Bargad representative in which 100 girl students of the college participated. The session was designed to provide students a guideline for selection of subjects in relation to their desired future path. Trainer also urged the students to use internet for getting information.

             Students said that they never plan about their career before selection of subjects in colleges and schools; the main reason is the information gap. Moreover, they also said that it was the first time that they attended such an interactive session on Career Counseling in their life.

             Bargad also promised to facilitate five internees at organization during summer vacation of the students.

             The session was also attended by Mehboob Rana (DO Social Welfare) and Principal Riffat Sohail Cheema.

Text Box: Youth Issues, Jawan Bargad Lahore

             Jawan Bargad Lahore meeting was organized at Lahore on 27th February 2011; in the meeting the group set their objectives.

             The meeting was attended by 9members of the group including Sabiha Shaheen, Executive Director Bargad.

             The group also mapped youth problems as follows:


1. Lack of Awareness

2. Fear of Isolation

3. Lack of Motivation

4. Lack of Seriousness

5. Lack of Tolerance

6. Not Career Oriented

7. Lack of Right Direction

8. Lack of Acknowledgement

9. Lack of Interest in making Framework of meetings.



Text Box: Training on Social Research Methodology

             Bargad organized a one day training session on "Social Research Methodology" in Superior University Lahore, 28 February 2011. The training was attended by 80 participants from the university. We extend our thanks to Rana Bilal Ahmed , Lecturer Superior University, for his cooperation.

Text Box: Superior College University Students Visit to Bargad Office

On 8th March 2011, students of Superior University; A.Qadir, Amber Imtiaz and Zubair Ali visited Bargad Office. During their visit students were briefed about Bargad's ongoing programmes.

Text Box: International Women Day Celebration

             On 8th March 2011, Bargad in collaboration with GRAP and other Ngo's celebrated International Women Day by organizing a seminar in which 100 people including community and civil society representatives and government officials.

             Bushra Sadiq, Senior Programme Officer Bargad, said, "To focus on women right is neither a western agenda nor a Zionist conspiracy. Islam teaches us to respect women and give their rights." Farooq Arshad said, "Change must begin from home"

             Among the other speakers were Yasir Nawaz, Gender Speacialist and Sheik A . Ghafar, Director Social Welfare Department, Lahore.

Text Box: Volunteer Fair and a Short Play at FC College

             Bargad in collaboration with Rotaract Club Forman Christian

College organized a one day Volunteer Fair on March 10, 2011. The

objective of the activity was to promote the culture of volunteerism. In this

fair 28 Non Governmental Organizations participated who set their stalls

and briefed the attendees about their goals and objectives. Organizations

also shared their present programmes. In the fair students also submitted application for internship and took membership of different organizations. Organizations included Bargad, SOS Children Village Pakistan, NCHD, Sarah for Life, Women Empowerment Group, Youth Parliament Pakistan, Akhuwat, Saiban, Fatmeed, White Ribbon Campaign and SOS Children Villages Pakistan. Nearly two hundred students visited the fair. Bargad team included Saiqa Rani, Naeed Khan and Uzma. On the occasion, a play was also staged by Rotract with Lock Rehas with title "Mano Haar" (Flood brought by human beings). The play depicted that how landlords suppress poor villagers and even their voice is not heard by the government law enforcing agencies. But even then they resist against the tyranny....................

Text Box: MARCH
Text Box: International Conference on Women, Religion and Politics

             On 17 and 18th March Bargad programme officer, Dr. Shahbaz Israr, participated in International Conference on Women, Religion and Politics organized by HBS in collaboration with Shirkat Gah. The conference highlighted the discrimination faced by women on various levels in societies of the world in relation to religion and politics.

             The topics over which the speakers spoke were Religion politics and Gender Equality in Turkey: Implications of a democratic paradox?; Catholic Church: Implications for gender equality. A case study of Poland; Buddhist Perspective; Women politicians: Challenges and achievements in public spheres and political parties; Role of the media:  Religion and politics: Implications on gender equality; Understanding the ideological paradigms conveyed through religion oriented television programs in Pakistan; Mobilizing Women for Electoral Politics in Iran; Church and politics : Implications on  Gender equality; Dars as authoritative discourse; Reconstructing Religious Patriarchies: Faith-based Organizations and Social Development; Experience of youth religion and changing parameters within elite academic institutions and Pakistan: A pluralistic state?

Text Box: Bargad Visit to Balochistan

             Balochistan situation is alarming from peace and security point of view. In 2010, Balochistan received 737 terrorist attacks which claimed the lives of 600 people while 1117 injured. The turmoil has even reached the universities, where the students have nearly no platforms to discuss their views. 

             Keeping in view the situation of Balochistan, Bargad launched a multifaceted approach in order to mainstream and channelizing the potential of youth. The activities launched in Balochistan targeted youth to provide an opportunity to engage them in healthy dialogue and discussion over their concerns and sense of deprivation. Bargad also held meetings with Ministry of youth affairs to advocate the initiation of required youth programmes in the province.

             Saiqa Rani, Programme Officer, was focal person from Bargad to organize activities. The activities mainly comprised of consultative meetings for youth development with students, dean and director of Iqra University, Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University and University of Balochistan, student leaders, Juvenile Dignitaries, IDSP and Director Ministry of Youth Affairs.  

             For the activities we are highly thankful to prof Dr. Iftikaharudin Khawaja, Juvenile Dignitaries (JD), Muhammad Afzal Sulheri (Director, Department Youth Affairs), Registrar Prof. Jamila Qazi (Sardar Buhadur Khan University), Ms. Faiza (Director Student Affairs, Buhadar Khan University), Zia-ur-Rehman (Dean Faculty of Social Sciences).

             We are highly thankful to Dr. Jahangir Khan Achakzai and Shakira Bukhari for their cooperation.







Text Box: Training on Event Management

             On 20th March, Bargad organized a training session on event management for Jawan Bargad Lahore. The objective of the training was to train the group in event management and to familiarize them with basic terminologies and techniques which are essential for the organizers to make the event successful from planning to execution and reporting.

Training was conducted by Nauman Ali Chaudhry on following components:





             The participants were also explained about Program, Event Participation, Budget, Logistics and Human Resource Management (HRM). Trainees included Naveed Khan, TahiraUrooj, Ayesha Manzoor, Ehtisham Ul Haq, Mohsin, Khurram Obaid Shah, Qurat-ul- Aine, Madeeha and  Mutza khalil. Regular training sessions and discussions are organized for Jawan Bargad Lahore.

Text Box: Peoples Convention Punjab, Aman Ittahad

             Bargad has always been advocating peace in Pakistan and has always been in frontline of Aman Ittahad. In Punjab convention of Aman Ittahad, 100 volunteers of Bargad participated.  Aman Ittahad’s convention was series of activities initiated two years back when concern citizens of different segment of society felt a need of new social charter to ensure the dignity of citizens. A review of 1940’s social charter was an eye opener for all of us as a guaranteed rights, freedom of expression and education for all are being wildly violated by the State. With this consciousness Aman Ittahad organized 80 relies last year 108 in this year along with seminars.

             The key features which were suggested for the new social charter were presented during provincial convention held at Ali Institute in Lahore by Aman Ittahad. Taking this debate ahead Rashida Dohad opened debate with the audience for taking their views and any further suggestions to rewrite the social charter for Pakistan.

             I.A Rehman while talking about present intense, extremist and militant situation stressed the need of new “Social Charter”. He pointed how state breeched 1940’s crux of human being, provision of food security by introducing land reforms and at most provision of freedom to practice ones as neutral entity. Political parties need to develop national thesis to inculcate democratic norms. Need to develop, new social contract with the consultation of people as politically conscious citizens one key contributing factor for a democratic state.

             We need to rethink the notion about political parties and replace negativity with constructive contribution.

Text Box: Radio Programme on Devolution of Federal Youth Ministry

             Executive Director Bargad, Sabiha Shaheen talked on devolution of Federal Youth Ministry on 25th March on Radio FM 103. Quratulain, student, also joined the discussion. The discussants welcomed the 18th amendment that would eventually lead to provincial autonomy. Bargad has long been advocating for the provincial autonomy in the country, as it would gear up confidence and unity among the provinces. But, devolution process is always full of complexities bringing challenges to the ring. Devolution of federal ministry and transfer of power to the provincial governments has hailed some problems including the financial constraints, existing staff capacities and strength to run youth programmes and staff of the federal ministry that has been moved to surplus pool. They also highlighted the role of National Youth Advocacy Platform, a joint initiative of Bargad and UNFPA, that would concentrate on the remedies of above said issues above said issues. 

Text Box: President Head Office Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS) Visit to Bargad Office

             On 25 March 2011, Barbara Unmussig (President Head Office Heinrich Boll Stiftung HBS) and Britta Petersen (Country Director HBS) visited Bargad’s office. There she was given presentation on ongoing Bargad-HBS project, “Peace and Youth Cooperation”. She also attended networking lunch and met with advocates and volunteer of Bargad.

Text Box: Bargad Assistance to NADRA in Identification Card making of Women

             On 25 and 26 March, Bargad assisted NADRA vans in making Identification (Id) cards of women at City Public School Rahwali, district Gujranwala. The campaign was initiated with objective to get access to the women and girls who do not have the Id cards. Special thanks to AR Bazmi and Ch. Mouzam Akhlaq for rendering their services as volunteers. During the process the problems observed during the process were the wrong date of birth, absence of school certificates etc.

The event was coordinated by Shikilla Kaukab (Programme Officer, Bargad)

Text Box: Bargad Participation in Awami Assembly, SAATH Gujranwala

             An interactive seminar titled “Awami Assembly Barae Amman” was organized by SAATH-Organization on 30 March 2011. Awami Assembly for peace was organized to promote public dialogue and debate for the promotion of peace, human rights and awareness on the issue faced by citizens. The objective of the seminar was to highlight peace, human Rights, and the troubles of citizens. Some commented that we should do effort individually. We should not blame only government and administration.  It is our responsibility as citizen to fulfill our duties. Poverty is also a cause of deterioration of country.  The main cause of poverty is unemployment and lack of skill based training. To cease the problems of poverty we should focus on skill based education.

             In the seminar, Bargad also setup a stall including Bargad literature and publications. At the stall the representative of Bargad, M. Usman Rasheed, Volunteer Management Officer, conveyed the message of youth development to hundreds of people. Shakilla Koukab and Sarmad Raza Nayak participated in the seminar as the representatives of Bargad.

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Allama Iqbal Town
Rahwali, Gujranwala
Tel: +92-55-3864920 +92-55-3864920      
Fax: +92-55-3868052
Email: bargad.youth.organization@gmail.com 

Text Box: Sabiha Shaheen, Executive Director’s Visit to Raheem Yar Khan

             During her visit to Raheemyar Khan, Sabiha Shaheen visited Sheik Zaid Medical College, Khawaja Fareed Boys College and Girls College. She was heartily welcomed at the institutions. The students and faculty staff requested Bargad to organize youth engagement activities at the institutions. 

A surprise mendhi, wedding ceremony, was arranged at Bargad office for Muqadas Iqbal. She is a devoted and hardworking person working for the last ten years for the organization. In March, Muqadas Iqbal got married to Hafiz Kashif Iqbal.

Text Box: Celebrations of Muqadas Iqbal Wedding