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The members of Bargad will be notified of the upcoming events and requirements of vountary services through emails or phone calls.

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Membership Rules

  • Member should be older than fifteen years and younger than twenty nine years.
  • Every Member needs to update his/her Membership after 3 years.
  • A Unique membership ID will be issued to each member through which member will be able to communicate with bargad & this ID will also be used to maintain the record.
  • Bargad has all the authority to cancel the membership of any volunteer in case of any reported misconduct.

An individual can become a member if she/he commit to the Universal declaration of Human Rights.

  • Please see Annexure I for Bargad detailed aims & objectives.
  • Annexure II for UDHR.
  • An individual can become a member if she/he commit to the CEDAW Convention. Annexure III for CEDAW Convention.
  • To promote peace, justice and youth cooperation among literate youth in South Asia.

I solemnly affirm what is stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed in it.